Juvenile Play at Turmoil

Short Bio

Name:                         Ramu(say)
Qualification:                  It’s a big No No.
Marital Status:                Proud Father of Three Boys (Hope everything is clear)
Age:                                     Somewhere between half grey and black hairs
Complexion:                   Maybe less usage of soap had differed the skin tone
Job Status:                      Cleanliness in his soul, Broom Broom all the way

(A Quick flashback)
*Start Quote*
His Elder brother and wife was dead in an accident. His elder brother wife worked in a school as Safaai karmchari. They were blessed with a baby girl. After their death, Now Ramu takes care of that child
*End Quote*

He had documented the baby girl as his own daughter legally, Now he completes his family with a team of six members

His Eldest son(Rajesh Say) is 16 years of age, as usual, the milieu near his home forcefully made Rajesh think to earn money at an unripe age.The juvenile was in the craze to reach the audience of the vast world, conquer the unexplored world by a mere spell. His exigency towards the materialistic and glittering world was gathering pace. He was Toxicated with the juvenile age. (Everyone I guess)

The nascent boy was offered to be as khalasi (manual worker) on a truck running on the stone quarry.
Later after One year, He was promoted to driver, He could now drive the truck well, and earns a good sum for his fascination,

He drives a lorry now, As per Govt age guidelines, He was deemed unfit for a driving license. So for a safe hand from the cops and law, he was sent to a Forest area, where he has to follow a short route, where Motor Vehicle Inspector is not available.

An equilibrium of benefits plays the game-  where the Driver gets a daily wage for his livelihood and the owner is benefited by paying him less.

One fine day, due to the overload of work and delivery of materials Rajesh was offered to carry the lorry on highways due to unavailability of the professional drivers.
THE TEENAGE ROBUST DNA played an important role now.  His dopamine was released that triggered a mental joy
To his joy, he stuck a “YES” to his boss.

He carried the lorry

It was overloaded, And due to his first experience on Highways, He paced his big lorry at a  high speed without thinking the danger following him and then suddenly


He hits a car also he gets imbalanced and strikes two other motorcycles.( Luckily all of them got saved without any damage but the vehicles got partial damage )
The car owner rushes and the bikers ran towards him, and without uttering a word hits him red and black.
His Nose is bleeding now, His shirt has been torn, Rajesh is kneeling down in front of them, The documents of the lorry are taken. They rang at the police station and Rajesh is in custody now. He was incarcerated. The Owner deceived him, even for his bail.

His father is running now, he is not leaving any stone unturned, But what do you think what will be the output.

I keep it you for readers

This was a real incident.

“A juvenile which couldn’t tenaciously hold his age and is housebroken will definitely be very unsafe”


An Educated + Working + Independent + WOMAN In An Indian Society

I’m educated, working, independent & a Woman in an Indian Society, and, I’m a Paradox!
Why? You ask?
Well, let me break it up for you; will definitely make it much simpler till you reach the last line of my chunter.
Having a childhood in a middle-class family, the kind where only Fathers work & Moms do the thankless & unpaid job of taking care of home and kids; Parents were very serious ( read hyper) about my education (& my siblings’ too). You know, like deviating from the moral of few Amir Khan Movies… My Parents’ motto too was “Life’s a race, if you don’t run fast; you’ll be like a Broken Andaa”
Well, who wants to be a mere broken egg in the race of high-flying birds?
So, Parents expected me to be a Perfect Child—-studious, well-behaved, culturally sound- dancing, singing, painting, dramatics- you name it & it needed to be done!
In short, I became the “Sharma ji ki Beti” who garnered all the hatred from the neighbourhood children as their parents had made their lives miserable with comparisons of all sorts.
Lesson learnt no.1  #             Study hard- you’ll get good marks
                                                Work hard- you’ll get a good job
                                                Toil hard-directly proportional to respect in the society.
Well, I’m so proud of my Parents for at least they didn’t discriminate their Girl Child from their son in terms of any facilities or help to their level best. Full credit goes to them for letting me be independent and strong today.
Finally, studies over, Got the “Tag”…Bravo! That’s an achievement! Clap Clap! But, is it, really?
In my head, it was like— I’m an educated woman, I’m able to take a desirable job, my education won’t go to waste, I’m independent, I can take my own decisions, I can make my own judgments, I can fly high—–! In my head, I repeat…
Now, Time for some tough love, some Reality Check.
 In an Indian Society, being educated secretly means you’ll get the Priviledge (yes, that’s a priviledge) of choosing from a wide variety of Guys for your future Life Partner.
 The Prospective Groom should have a stable job, a strong family backbone ( let the guy be spineless, who cares?) & the most important criteria? The guy should be of the same Religion, same Caste, same Community, having the same or a bit higher Social Status, then comes the other unimportant attributes like Looks, Character, Behaviour etc. etc.
Love? Compatibility? Respect? Trust? Understanding?  His attitude towards you?
These are some trivial, inconsequential criteria which are expected to arise in your Partner magically & immediately after you take the vow to spend your life with him Forever!!
Very few people in our society get the priviledge of getting married to whomever they want without any kind of melodrama & with full support from parents.
Lesson learnt no.2  # The Guy arranged by your Parents for your “Arranged Marriage” with him is always Mr. Perfect, plenty of imperfections in your “Love-Marriage” -wala guy (let him pass all the criteria put by the society and You, with flying colours)… End Of Story.
Another Extraordinary thing that my Ordinary mind doesn’t understand at all is— what is this Gender discrimination at every single aspect?
The extreme limit being— Mechanical Engineering is for Guys. Computer Science is for Girls.
I mean, seriously?
Kis Kitaab Me Likha Hai Bhai? (Where if it has been written)
All women who are pursuing their careers in so-called Male dominated spheres— We all are pretty Normal, right?
 But, If one compares a woman with a man for climbing a monkey-ladder faster than him or lifting a heavy load longer than him, it is totally absurd.
Can a Man give birth to babies?
Got the comparison? This is how the Almighty has made us.
(NO, No, No…this is not a Feminism-oozing article, I promise! Because I believe in Man-Woman Equality Not Superiority of one above the other. I don’t believe in Women’s Day. Treat women with respect everyday and that would suffice, Trust Me!)
Women needn’t learn much about Field-work & should concentrate on office work or documentation jobs only. Why? Because it is taken for granted that a Woman will be less productive than a Man as she is physically less strong. Simple!
Lesson Learnt no. 3 # You’ll be judged & even taunted because you draw the same salary as your male colleagues but you don’t contribute that much to your Workplace ( it doesn’t matter whether or not you were even considered for doing the job! )
Being a Woman, you’ll have to try to prove your capability repeatedly whereas that respect is inherently garnered by your male colleague. Doubts arise on your knowledge, sincerity, skills as well. Your single mistake can be generalized as a whole community’s blunder, For example, Women are bad surgeons, women are bad drivers etc. etc. And the matter gets even worse if you take stand for yourself, instead of just listening and ignoring some indigestible remarks. Women should know their Boundaries! Isn’t it?
I remember once when I had just started my career, my then-Boss smirked at me one fine day, saying— “What is that bright coloured patch on your fingers?” pointing out to my freshly manicured nails with a sea-green nailpolish on them. “Does it suit you as an Engineer?” He completed his sentence.
Well, that made me think— ‘Yes, I’m an engineer, but that doesn’t make me any less Woman, Does it?’
Lesson Learnt no.4 # You are expected to look smart & presentable with a sound knowledge of How to carry Yourself but bright coloured nail polish, long nails or a good hairstyle for that matter? Naah…ain’t happening.
As a married woman, I have to manage both my home as well as office duties too. Because I have the “TAG”, I can’t really depend on my husband for every small issues starting from going to Bank, calling the Plumber, getting the LPG and many more. Of course, the major ones are always sorted out after a long discussion with Better-half.
But if getting a supportive Husband is Gold, getting supportive In-laws is Platinum. (Lucky to get great In-laws, Touchwood). Because, in an Indian Society, if your in-laws are supportive, half of your life is sorted!
But the Society? It surpasses the Supreme Court too in terms of judging you.
“ You don’t look Married much!” ( maybe for looking younger than I actually am; not complaining of that though)
“ You are not a Good Cook or you don’t cook for your husband everyday!”
“You go out on a Trip or party with your Friends and not your husband!” ( BAD WIFE)
“You are so Opinionated!” (read Annoying)
 to more personal stuff life—–
“You don’t want to have kids within 3 years of your married life!” (OMG)
And You know what’s interesting? It doesn’t matter even if your Husband or your In-laws don’t have a Problem with all the above listed out examples. People Do Have. Society Does Have. And it is Our Duty to give Peace to all the inquisitive minds by answering them. Isn’t It?
You have to pay a heavy price for getting the “TAG”, trust me. Doesn’t matter whether you are going through hormonal changes or mental dilemma, tensions, frustrations or personal problems, You don’t have the liberty to break down and that cannot be an Excuse for a wrong data entered in that Excel Sheet or a mistake done in your Reports. You can’t escape your Boss’s Dirty Looks!!!  #TRUESTORY
Final Lesson Learnt # This is the Societal Norm. You have to bear as well as endure it. “NO ESCAPE”.
Hence, the Conclusion remains— I’m educated, working, Independent Woman.
I can pay my own Bills (COOL, isn’t it?)
I can support my family financially.
I m not dependent on my husband for every trivial issue.
I do understand the work stress of my Partner & can help him too mentally as well as financially.
I have my own identity.
I can take my own decisions.
& Yeah, I can say, I am pretty Proud of it.
So, I don’t have disadvantages, I just have some challenges to overcome.
I’m educated, working, Independent & a Woman in an Indian Society, and, I’m a Paradox!

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Ball-o-pen was born in Kolkata, to a less expensive machine. His Owner, Bhaanu Bhai(say from the author’s pen) was a small-scale businessman. Ball-o-pen was made to render service to the High school students and the working class men and women, teachers, lecturers and so on. His elder Brothers were already made, packed and sealed for despatch.
“Some of my elder’s brothers are Shiny Sparkling with contrast packing. Humans Pay a lot of hard earned money for their sophisticated glamorous look, though our service is same.” “lol”.  

I am lying in the corner watching how my brothers are gripped with the human hands, stacked ten of them and then packed in the non-environment friendly packet i.e., the Poly-ethene, then thrown aside. 

Some of my bothers are waiting for the next phase, i.e., to be packed in corrugated Paper Box.

Ball-o-pen pen was looking throughout the factory. Suddenly, a man sat nearby him, He was unable to bear the distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one. Might be the man was working from last 8 hours and the unpleasant smell of human sweat was unbearable to him.
A heap of blue, green, yellow caps was lying beside him,
The blue cap is mine (Smiled ball-o-pen). “It is used to cover my tip, as my spinal-juice will get dried if I am not capped properly. Waiting for that, it adds fashion to me. Love my blue cap; it’s like the crown for me. My Expensive Elder Brothers are designed well and sometimes fashioned with stones for a luxurious outcome. They look amazing, it’s like the king crown.
“Wish I could wear it”. Never Mind
“Ouch” I am thrown so badly, landed near the packing Man.
I guess its time now to get into those non-environment-friendly packets. It’s ok, though. Our life cycle has to follow the process. And I am Getting packed with the other 9, Time for the last phase, and here I am in the dark corrugated Paper Box.

I am shaking badly, I hear the noise of Humans and other man-made machines, I guess I am in transport. The bad roads are shaking the transport, and we are stacked more then what is required, Thanks to Almighty that we don’t require oxygen like the humans do.

Finally, I reached the destination, I am sold to this shop. Viru (Say from the author’s pen) Shop
I guess I will be placed in that corner, actually will get stacked in that corner shelve. As I am not a gem to add beauty to the shop.

After an hour, two humans entered (one he and one she) they wanted a pen for Gift, They had chosen my crown-capped brother. He was kept in a glass box, Some colorful lights were sparkling to catch customers attention. Well, I am not jealous. He is My elder brother, I love to watch him like that.
My dashing brother “Balls-aa-Pheno”, Wondering what is ” “Balls-aa-Pheno”. Actually costly the things are, the more stylish are their names. It adds an effect to the minds of the customer. As if they are not buying a pen but getting some Extra-terrestrial object. I feel like to roll on the floor laughing.

The she-human insisted to buy it and she gifted it to he-human, they spoke about a day, something like the anniversary.  The He-human took and gave a human gesture of love to the other she-human.
But the He-Human told the shopkeeper to give him one more pen for writing purpose. He took out me and gave it to him. 
After then I was in his pocket and My Dashing Brother was in his suitcase wrapped with gift pack Red-Ribbon.

After a Month

I am about to end, I wrote contents, official letters, articles, and a Lot More.
My Dashing brother is still lying in that gifted pack.
My clone brother is next to me, He will Do the jobs after I am gone.
Dear readers, this content came to my mind when I was going to buy a pen and suddenly a pen lying on the shelve caught my attention, I felt like the pen said me a thousand words to me. The customers who came also added taste to our inaudible conversation. 
The main point which caught my attention is 
Like in real Life, Some of us work very hard, But we are not paid off. But few glitters a lot and are paid high sums. which in reality has no potential, or are not in ease of doing” 

The Legend that stood for Chipko movement or Chipko Andolan

“We are hugging the trees. If you cut the trees down, you will have to hit us with your axes first.” 
On this very day , i.e., 26th March 1974 Chipko Movement the hisoical event started. In a small village of Reni in Uttarakhand, all the women under the guidance and leadership of Smt.Gaura Devi stood vigilant for three days and nights to prevent the lumbermen from felling the trees
Devi was born in a village named Laata in the state of Uttarakhand. She moved to a nearby village named Reni by the Alaknanda River. By the age of 22, she was a widow with a child. Her new village was near to the border with Tibet. Devi was elected to lead the Mahila Mangala Dal (Women’s Welfare Association).
Devi came to notice in 1974 when she was told that local loggers were felling trees on 25 March by a young girl. The men of the village had been tricked out of the village by the news that the government was going to pay out compensation for land used by the army.It fell to Devi and 27 other women to tackle the loggers. They managed to halt their work by hugging the trees despite the abuse of the armed loggers. They kept guard of the trees that night and over the next three or four days other villages and villagers joined the action.The loggers left leaving the trees.
Devi died in 1991.


Nalini Bala Devi
Born On this Day 23 March
Nalini Bala Devi (23 March 1898– 24 December 1977) was a noted Indian writer and poet of Assamese literature, known for nationalistic as well as mystical poetry.She was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 1957 for her contribution to literature, and 1968 she won the Sahitya Akademi Award given by Sahitya Akademi (India’s National Academy of Letters) for her poetry collection Alakananda.
She was born in Guwahati in 1898, Assam. Her father, Karmaveer Nabin Chandra Bordoloi (1875–1936), was a famous Assamese Indian freedom movement activist and writer. She wrote her first poem, Pita at age 10, and was married at age 12, but tragedy also struck early, when her husband, Jeeveshwar Changkakoti, died when she was only 19. She also lost two of her sons early in her life. These tragic incidents in life, however, could not break her down and she started writing poems, with emotion, tragedy, patriotism, and devotion as central themes, which are still acclaimed in Assamese literature.
Her first book of poems Sandhiyar Sur (Evening Melody), published in 1928, was later adopted by Calcutta University and Guwahati University as a textbook in 1946 and 1951 respectively.
Her other works include Alakananda, Sopunar Sur (Melody of Dreams), Porosh Moni, Yuga Devata (Hero of the Age), Shesh Puja(The last worship), Parijator Abhishek, Prahlad, Meghdut, Suravi, Rooprekha, Shantipath (Essay anthology), and Sheshor Sur (The last Melody).
Smritir Tirtha (Biography on her father), Biswadeepa (A collection of biographies of famous women), Eri oha Dinbur (The Days Passed, Autobiography), Sardar Vallavbhai Patel are some of her biographical works.
In 1950, she established Sadou Asom Parijat Kanan which later become famous as Moina Parijat, the children organisation in Assam. She had to her credit one drama titled Meerabai.
A Salute to the Lady who took the Assamese literature and poetry to new heights

World Water Day

World Water Day is an annual observance day on 22 March to highlight the importance of freshwater. It is also used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.World Water Day is celebrated around the world with a variety of events. These can be educational, theatrical, musical or lobbying in nature. The day can also include campaigns to raise money for water projects. The first World Water Day, designated by the United Nations, was commemorated in 1993.
UN-Water selects a theme for each year. The theme for 2018 is “Nature for Water” to encourage people to “look for the answer in nature”. For example, nature-based solutions could be implemented to reduce floods, droughts and water pollution and to protect ecosystems.
Previous themes for the years 2015 to 2017 were “Water and Sustainable Development”, “Water and Jobs'” and “Why waste water?” (which included aspects of wastewater and reuse). The focus on universal access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is in line with the targets of Sustainable Development Goal 6
The UN World Water Development Report is released each year around World Water Day.
source: Encyclopedia
(This Post is for awareness)

The Visual Effect of Two-faced

It was a busy morning. Woke up early at 4 am.

After my daily schedule done, I got ready and started my ride to an office of State.
But after reaching the destination, to my surprise, the state office was closed as I got too early.
So, I thought of passing the time at a friend’s home who stayed nearby the state office.

“Ting tong”,

A  Small Girl Opened the door, with a smiling face, nodded me to enter;
I entered and saw the beautifully decorated high-end glittering paints and a laughing element which caught my eyes was the crayon art, probably made by their little master.
Just then my friend arrived, we got busy with the conversation.
The small little girl brought me a glass of water. While I took the glass, she stood near me with the tray letting me finish and then I finished drinking and placed it again on the tray she was holding and nodded her with a smile. She took it back.

After ten minutes or so my friend’s wife arrived with her scooter, and entering the house she joined us in the conversation.
(She came after leaving her son at school)
A tensed face was seen, the lines on her forehead symbolized that she was in a strain.
She started with her child busy schedule and worrying about her child over-loaded school books.
Again extracurricular activities like taking him out for sports, Dances etc was an add-on
They unstoppably started saying that they were much tensed with a child future, worried about his health and showed annoyance regarding the groceries which they found to be very much chemically rooted. 
They were anxious about the school course also which was overloads as a giant heap with respect to a child age. 
She even sounded to some “child protection law”
They made beneficial comments as to how they try to settle down the burden and how a child should be grown in such competitive atmosphere.
They bragged of their own, for the duty they respond to a child
I was pretty impressed with their way of vision and affection for a child.

She called “MEENA” at a high pitch.
“Get the coffee soon”
I was like tangled with an immediate change over voice.
After some time the little girl came with three cups over a tray and a plate over which cookies were placed nicely.
Just at the time of placing one cup over the center table, her tray got imbalanced due to weight proportion and one of the cups slithered down to the ground and broke into pieces.
I saw an alarmed face of that child.
Without a second to lose, the lady loses her control and yelled at her, holding her hands so tightly and dragged her back with a force and ruled her in every possible way.
I was astonished to see her.
I slowly nodded her to leave and then the visual effect of that family was clear.
After the sip of coffee was over I left, a sense of edgy was not letting me stay there anymore.
I became quite uncomfortable.
I came out, they two followed me. As I got back to my vehicle I looked back at their home, my eyes caught the girl wiping the floor, and the women instructing her.

Various visuals came to my mind 
Their Own child Independence to stick crayons
Their way of thinking about child development
Their two faces and much more
And it is probably reasonable to assert that the collapse of quality of two-faced stems comes from the ever shrinking pool of people who are interested in it just themselves, or never tries too see a life beyond their four-corners
However, this piece is not a general lament about all the households.
What I actually wanted was to impart the discovery of vanishingly little interest to the rest of humanity, but one of great importance to me
And, I didn’t even think of, when i started writing

I got back to the state office and after completing my job headed to my home 
Still Behind the scene effect was unacceptable
Some people may conquer the mass by their saccharine machine fitted with their vocal chord
But Imperfection always follows for their treason.